Sunday, May 6, 2012


So now they're wanting to move the closing date up. Which is good. We're ready to get it done!

But that means rescheduling the movers and the maid service. Not to mention the kitchen range repair that we're still waiting on, and that the contract says closing hinges on.

Oh, and the dock needs moving out and we're not up there to do it. That means contacting a dock company and trying to get them to move it since we don't plan on going back till right before closing. I'm hoping for rain.

But before we do anything, we need to hear if the early closing is gonna happen. We're on pins and needles, wanting to be doing something -- anything! -- but not able to figure out what.

My nails are almost down to the quick.


  1. Lots of details to see to, and never enough time to get it all done, right?

  2. Real estate sales and purchases are so stressful. The only thing worse is moving. You've pretty well handled that, so maybe the stress level will finally go away. You guys are going to feel like free birds when this is all over. It's been a long uphill battle.


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