Saturday, May 26, 2012


Yep, we went back down to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine for the thousandth time.

My guy wanted to shoot the birds in the rookery. Er, photograph the birds. And there were gobs of them. Due to our move, we weren't able to go every week as he would have preferred so we missed most of the baby birds and saw only gawky adolescents. More babies are coming though, because there was lots of courting going on, so I suspect we'll be back down there before the end of the season. If, that is, we can find time between running back and forth to north Georgia. A family reunion's coming up next weekend so we'll be hitting the road again.

Anyway, a neighbor went down with us this time because she'd never been before. I believe she was suitably awed. By the albino alligators if nothing else! Here she is sitting on the greeter alligator. And yes, it's statue, in case some of you are wondering how timid Marsha dared!


  1. I was looking for duct tape on that sucker's fangs until you said it was a statue.

    1. Hey, you think cowardly moi would be close enough to it to take a picture if it was real? You have seriously overestimated my supply of courage!


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