Sunday, May 27, 2012


So the entire year and a half we were at the lake, there was a drought and the lake was low, low, low. This spring it finally started raining and the waters started rising. The view was looking good, the boat dock was floating, looked like the summertime waters would be great for swimming and boating, etc.

Then we sold the house and moved permanently to the coast. So guess what's going on here? Not a hurricane, thank goodness, but it is a tropical storm. Even Jim Cantelore from The Weather Channel is broadcasting from the beach. (You know how excited all these weather people get during hurricane season.)

Yes, T.S. Beryl is promising lots of rain and high winds in our area. And people are going home for Memorial Day tomorrow, to play on the lake and enjoy remembrance ceremonies outside instead of hanging out down here to be cooped up inside.

Can't blame them. It is a little annoying, though, to find the weather so uncooperative no matter where we go.

But at least we aren't being evacuated


  1. There's only so many times weather people can say "there's some rain coming... or maybe not, we're watching what this low pressure system is doing" before they feel compelled to have a meltdown live on the air.

  2. Yep. It's funny how they get all twitchy and animated and glowing when they have something - usually terrible - to report on!


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