Friday, July 30, 2010


Something bit the bottom of my toe day before yesterday. I was minding my own business, walking around the lighthouse like I do every morning and ouch! I had to hang on to hubby and try to get off whatever it was. And of course, it was gone by that time. Fire ant, bee, spider... Who knows? I took a Benedryll and used cortisone cream and was out for the afternoon.

So in the pool yesterday afternoon - just me and hubby because a short shower had run everyone else off except two people reading in lounge chairs - I saw some floating leaves and scooped them up so I could throw them out as I always do.

Wrong move. I failed to see the bee on one leaf. Middle finger got stung this time and hurt like blazes even after I applied cortisone cream.

So now it's another day. And the spider's still outside the window. And they say trouble comes in threes.

I'm concerned, I must confess. Very concerned.

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