Friday, July 9, 2010


Does anyone like it? Grocery shopping that is.

We went today, checked out, started to leave, and of course, we forgot one thing. The ice cream. Very important to some of us. So I had to go back, get it, and stand in line again.

The other day we went and the cart of a Winn Dixie worker setting up canned drinks blocked the aisle. I started to go around and down another aisle, but he saw me and said, "No, no, come on, there's room!" and bustled around to move his cart even though I said, "That's okay, I'll go around." Once he'd moved, I could hardly refuse to go past though, could I? And of course as I went past - because he made me! - cartons toppled down and drinks started spewing everywhere, especially on my guy trailing along behind as guys are prone to do in grocery stores.

Not through though. At checkout, the bagger put the blueberries on top of the cart. Of course when we started out, they fell. Blueberries rolled around the floor everywhere. Bagger scurried to get the broom. Blueberries refused to be swept up. My guy went to get more blueberries.

As we left that day, me still apologizing to the WD people (though I'm not sure I was completely to blame), a discouraged-looking lady sitting up front said, "Yeah, my day's been like that, too. I broke a jar of honey in the kitchen this morning. Covered the stove, cabinets, floor, everything. Biggest mess you ever saw."

Some days are diamonds, some days....

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