Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anne George

I like Anne George's mysteries. They're set in Birmingham, Alabama, and feature two sixtyish sisters, the elder quite a character. Widowed three times (she married men at least twenty-eight years older), she's well off and used to speaking her mind.

While volunteering at the library yesterday - shelving books - I discovered a large print edition of one I hadn't read before. MURDER RUNS IN THE FAMILY.

I love the dry humor. For instance, when a judge staggers out and collapses on the edge of a fountain, the younger sister Patricia Anne wets a tissue in the water for him to mop his face. The elder sister, Mary Alice, disapproves because, "That water's filthy. Kids pee in it. You know. When they go wading."

Unfortunately, Ms. George died after writing five or six in the series, but for anyone who enjoys light mysteries with voice and humor, her work is quite entertaining.


  1. Not for me, but it's great when you find "that" author that makes you excited. Like you have to devour anything they write. For me I've had Sophie Kinsella and Elin Hilderbrand, both chic lit writers

  2. I like Sophie Kinsella but the self-absorption gets tiring. That may be why chick lit died.

    And I've only read one of Elin Hilderbrand's books, but I'd call it women's fiction versus chick lit.

    As I've said before, I read for entertainment only!


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