Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Time for some more random snippets from our sometimes strange crime report in the local paper:

Today, a woman reported the theft of a pot worth $300.

-- Wow, that must have been a humongous pot. Oh, wait! Maybe it was an elite name brand pot. Or, after more consideration, maybe the 'a' before 'pot' should have been omitted. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Then last week, a man reported the theft of two Johnny Walker bottles filled with change. At least twenty dollars worth of coins. In each bottle!

-- Poor guy. What a loss. Guess he'll have to empty some more bottles before he starts collecting again.

But the strangest incident occurred a few days ago: a man reported the theft of four razor blades.

-- Four. Not five or three? I wonder how he knew how many were stolen. Heck, I wonder how he even knew they were missing. He must be a lot more organized than I am. Or at least have a better memory!

I love our local newspaper!


  1. You know, in the amount of time he took to report the theft of razor blades, he could have very easily gone down to the store to buy new ones.

    1. I keep wondering how he knew someone stole them. What if he just misplaced them?

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, this was over several days. But each day also had the usual 'someone hit somebody in the face' or 'landscaping equipment stolen' reports. I'm just picking out the interesting tidbits!


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