Friday, January 3, 2014


The cats had a good Christmas. Santa brought them a catnip scented scratch pad, but a relative gave them a bed! Okay, it was labeled as a dog bed, but it was still pretty plush. And it was big enough for two!

I draped an old towel over it for protection. (Cats, as some of you know, tend to throw up hairballs, undigested food, and other stuff.) So here they are, cuddled up in their new bed in front of the heater.

Oh, and that's one of my guys' photos they're staring at.

For a day starting off in the low thirties, it's been pretty good. We might actually get out and go get a hamburger or sandwick. Probably some bread and milk, too, since it's going to be cold again tonight.

Brrr. We may have to move further south.


  1. Cats and heat... I was at an aunt and uncle's for New Year's, and they were cat-sitting. The cat spent the better part of the evening close to the fireplace.

    Here the temperatures dipped below minus twenty celsius, and then add the windchill onto that...

  2. Replies
    1. They were! And not quarreling as sometimes happens.


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