Monday, December 30, 2013


We have a lot of landscaping companies here on the island. Most flaunt names like "Island Landscaping" or "Coastal Landscapes" or "Island Designs" or something similar. Some try to add a little flair: "Island Scapes" or "Almighty Tree Service" or "Coastal Greenery." Some go a little further: "Grounds Keeper" or "Pine Straw Man" or "The Lawn Ranger."

But this morning I ran across a new one. "Guess Who?" Yep. That was the name.

I said, "I can see this dude doing our lawn and coming to get paid, saying something like: 'Guess Who's finished with your yard,' and me guessing, 'Island Design? Coastal Landscaping?"

I laughed pretty hard at my own joke.

My guy said, deadpan, "I'd say: 'Guess who's going to pay you.'"

Guess his scenario's a little funnier than mine.


  1. That sounds as bad as a bar here called The Office. When men call their wives and say, "I'm at the Office," technically, they're telling the truth!

    1. Bet the wives don't appreciate it, truth or not!

  2. It's like something out of an Abbot and Costello routine!

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