Saturday, December 7, 2013


We went north for a few days. Coming back, we got on I-75 to go through Atlanta (and I won't go on and on about how I hate hate hate going through Atlanta!) and found they had changed a lane to a toll lane. Oh, they're calling it an express lane, but you have to buy a Peach Pass to use it. We saw maybe two cars using it as we went on down, using the regular no-charge lanes.

I'm wondering how they're getting away with charging fees on a lane of a road that's a federal interstate highway. Or am I hopelessly provincial and out of touch with the times?

Here are some photos I took. Sorry they're fuzzy but we were driving.

The sign telling you it's coming up, with the fee on the right to the first and second road exits listed:

The sign on the right tells you when the express lane starts:

And here is the sign over the lane, saying Peach Pass ONLY:

There are more signs, naturally, threatening the usual stuff when cars without the Peach Pass use this 'special' lane.

Well, we taxpayers paid for the lane once. I don't think we'll be buying a Peach Pass anytime soon!


  1. There's a toll freeway here that was built years ago... and then essentially handed over for a ninety nine year lease to a company that gets to do whatever they bloody well like. Raise tolls whenever they please, demand that licenses be refused for those with unpaid bills, accuse people who have never been on that freeway of having been on that freeway... the provincial government at the time was a "hell, let's have a fire sale and who cares about the consequences of our actions" mentality. One of many reasons I'll never vote for that party again.

    1. A shame we can't vote every year! I bet a lot of people would be voted out after stuff like that happened!

  2. This is what we discovered when we were faced with this same thing in California: The toll lane is useable to anybody and without a pass as long as there are two or more people in the car at the time. However, if the HOV lane gets too congested, then charges start. And they're ridiculously high. Therefore you can get a pass to use it at any time as long as you pay a lot of money for it. every month. It probably works in a similar fashion. They only way we found out what the rules for that lane was to talk to a trucking company with trucks on the road all the time. It wasn't written down nor could you call anybody to find out.

    1. That's disgusting! But then, it's California so I guess that explains a lot!


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