Thursday, December 19, 2013


The cats are quite excited that Christmas is here. And they're being pretty good.

Our Christmas tree has been up since Thanksgiving and only one ornament's been displaced! In previous years we couldn't keep ornaments on the tree, period. Also, only one present's been hijacked (the boy cat thought a gift bag's tissue would make him a nice bed); in some years, we had to stash the presents in the closet instead of under the tree.

My best guess is they're behaving themselves because they're waiting for Santa. I think they've finally learned he brings good little cats gifts, while bad little cats get fussed at. We're still keeping an eye on them, though.

Here the girl cat is curled up to the boy cat, letting him snooze on her. See how angelic she looks?

Wait. Maybe she's choking him. His head's hanging kind of... Hmmm. Better go break it up!


  1. So much for trying to be nice. Hopefully Santa doesn't mind cats being naughty!


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