Thursday, January 16, 2014


At last I can get back into my blog! For some reason, I got shut out. I thought maybe it was because I'd changed a password, but that wasn't it. I've heard of other people having trouble with Blogger, but I always thought Blogspot was different. Maybe they're the same company?

Anyway, this item in the local paper's crime blotter caught my eye: A woman reported her mailbox stolen. The $200 mailbox was in her yard.

Hmmm. Sounds suspicious to me. Like it was lurking in her yard. It probably deserved to be stolen.


  1. Blogger and Blogspot are indeed the same thing... it can be ornery at times, also depending on the server you use. Chrome's an easy server for it, but IE tends to be unreliable.

    That is a small town when a mailbox theft makes the crime reports...

  2. Blogger can be a real PITA at times...most of the time....


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