Monday, January 10, 2011


The weather channel shows it all today! Snow, ice, you name it! So much for the sunny south.

It's cold here, and raining. My poor guy took off in the mess to make necessary rounds - the post office, the bank, and Southern Soul to pick up stew and barbecue, yay!!!!

The weather may be bad but we'll feast tonight!


  1. I need a feast tonight. It is snowy and cold here to. They even cancelled school for the kiddos. SO tonight the house will be in shambles and I hope that hubby will have an emasculate dinner cooked...wait, who am I kidding? *face palm*

  2. Darn, Regina! You had me going! I've already told my guy other men are cooking supper tonight!

    We'll see how THAT goes over.


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