Monday, January 3, 2011


For anyone who likes regencies (sans the sex in modern ones) this is a book for you. If you haven't already read it.

Most people who love regencies have read Georgette Heyer's books, some of us several times. I got this version for 99 cents on my new kindle and re read it.

Good book but then I'm a Heyer fan. I may be prejudiced. I've read her regencies and mysteries (I prefer the regencies) and keep enjoying them. She has that understated English humor and her romances are always interesting.

In this one, an earl's son, cut off by his family, becomes a highwayman. He rescues the heroine as she's being abducted but is wounded. She takes him home, nurses him back to health, and they fall in love. The villain isn't out of the picture, and the hero has to get back in his father's good graces, but never fear. Everything works out.

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