Friday, January 7, 2011


I like Deborah Smith's books (BLUE WILLOW, A PLACE TO CALL HOME, THE STONE FLOWER GARDEN, to mention some) so I was surprised I hadn't read this. But I got it on my Kindle and finished it shortly.

A movie star trading on her looks gets burned while being chased by papparazzi (sound familiar?) and is no longer beautiful. She comes to her deceased grandmother's mountain home for healing and discovers another wounded soul, a man whose wife and child died in the 9/11 tragedy. It's obvious from the beginning they need each other. The only question is how and when they'll work out their problems.

And there are other characters: a relative who heals with wonderful buttered biscuits, a goat who keeps eating cell phones, and two lesbians who farm and build on the side. There are also a winter storm, a Craftsman cottage needing work, and a devastating fire.

I knew it would end happily but I didn't know how. Good read.

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