Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have an iphone. Don't know if that's a good thing or not. I've had it less than a year and was making out okay. Learned how to put on apps. Learned how to get my email, put on a few songs, load on a game, use the GPS. Oh, and how to make a phone call.

So every 2-4 days, it needed charging and I dutifully charged it. Then last week the battery started going down overnight. I'd charge it fully, go to bed, and the next morning, voila! 39% charged. 20% charged. One day it only showed 7% of the battery remaining. Figured the battery was going bad. Knew I couldn't switch it out.

So. Called AT&T. They said it was still under warranty, transferred us to Apple. Apple said we should extend our warranty for another year since it was expiring in a month or so. I did but Apple still didn't tell me what was wrong. Then.

Long story short. Had to call AT&T again. No, it was Apple's problem. Had to call Apple again. They said I had to bring the phone in to the store. Nearest store 2 hours away. Got an appointment, drove there, registered with a gal holding an iPad wearing two nose studs and real casual clothes, milled around till someone took pity on me and showed me what was wrong just before my appointed rep showed up.

The customer rep tested the battery and said, yep, the other guy was right. Battery was fine. I could have stayed at home and fixed it myself.

So what was the problem? Turns out Apple updated the iPhones a couple of months back. Turns out the notification was so involved I didn't - couldn't! - read it all. Turns out any app you use continues to run in the background till you manually turn it off.

So I had the phone app, the cheap gas app, the email app, the map app, the weather app, the...You get the picture. All these and more were running in the background and eating up my battery. All I had to do was turn them off.

Why, pray tell, could Apple not have put this info on their site under FAQs along with all the other reasons the battery might be discharging too soon?

Grrr. Glad I didn't get an iPad

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