Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This book by Lexi Revellian (you can tell I've been downloading books to my kindle, can't you?) is really pretty good. The sample chapters caught my attention and I bought it and don't regret it.

The heroine finds a man sleeping on her (second floor) terrace when she wakes up. Instead of dialling for help as you or I (prudent souls that we are) would, she talks to him and decides he's okay. Besides, he's got a mongrel dog that needs feeding, too. And he also looks like a famous rock star accused of murder who died several years before.

Wait! He is the famous rock star accused of murder who everyone thinks is dead!

It's a nice mystery as we wonder what happened and whodunnit it. The attraction grows between heroine and rock-star-incognito. The neat thing about the book is that the heroine restores old wooden rocking horses and imparts dribs and drabs of information to us regarding them. Not enough to be boring. Just enough to be interesting.

Good read for everyone who likes light mysteries with a little romance thrown in. This is a great start for a series and I'll be looking for more.

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