Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I dabbled in tennis years ago but I took lessons from a woman so this question never came up.

Lately, I've noticed an unnamed tennis pro who, whenever I go by and he's teaching, often has his shirt off. Even on quite chilly days.

But, I've also noticed it's usually when he's working with a cute gal. If it's a man on the court with him, he isn't always barechested.

He does have a nice physique. I'm wondering if he's showing it off just a bit, maybe? Do all tennis pros do this? How about golf pros?


  1. That is a good question and I bet the answer is that he only does it for more attention with the ladies or a hire nominal fee. lol

    I don't know, maybe I should take up tennis.:D

  2. I bet you're right! I think he has more customers than he can handle. Seems like he's on the courts most days.


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