Friday, November 5, 2010


Once again I'm reading the police blotter in the local paper.

In one instance, police got a report of a man punching a woman in the face. They found the couple arguing in the street and asked if something was wrong. The man said no and walked off. The woman rubbed her jaw and then said the man had hit her in the jaw. But she refused medical treatment and no arrest was made.

In the second instance, the victims, a man and woman, said another woman walked up and asked the male why he was trying to break up her friendship with the other woman. Then she slapped him. Then she started fighting with the other woman -- her friend??? -- and punched her several times. She finally threw her friend??? into a puddle and walked off. Police couldn't find her so no arrests were made.

I think these people have been watching too many violent movies and TV shows!

Oh, and the last one? Loud music from a car caused police to do a traffic check but the car wouldn't stop. It proceeded at a slow rate of speed before turning into a yard. The driver said he just wanted to get his car home because he knew he was getting arrested. He had a suspended license.

Why in the world would you turn up the volume and draw attention to yourself if you had a suspended license? Sometimes I wonder about people.


  1. Wow, sounds like it is pretty exciting there. Yes, people do watch a lot violence on television. I work with abused and neglected children and let me tell you that there are so many things that happen that just shouldn't. Period.

  2. Oh, Regina, I feel for you. I think my heart would break if I had your job.

    And this was on the mainland. Our little island is pretty peaceful because the county wants to keep the tourists coming for the money and tax base.


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