Saturday, November 6, 2010


Why do cats love to get into small spaces? Go to get some underwear and presto! One large cat stuffed into one small drawer. Open a cabinet to throw something in the trash can and presto! One large cat wrapped around the trash can when there's barely room for the can.

And don't forget laps. Get on the computer with your knees almost touching the keyboard drawer and presto! One large cat between your lap and the keyboard drawer, jiggling the keyboard and making you type *%$#(P)_#.

Once our cow-cat curled up in a plastic bag. Then something scared her and she shot out like a rocket. Unfortunately, the bag handle was wrapped around her neck. She ran through the house in terror, unable to get it off, spreading urine and other stuff I won't talk about. We finally caught her and got it off, but what a mess.

Sometimes I wonder if they're worth it. But then, I think of course they are. What else would my guy and I talk about if we didn't have them?  And they're sweet when they're asleep.

Of course they get kind of grumpy when you wake them up. Like the cow-cat below giving me the evil-eye when my camera flash went off.

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