Monday, November 15, 2010


So my guy lost a thumb drive. This right after Roz threw his watch off the dresser.

"Those *&%$* cats! I'm ready to change their zip codes! All they do is lose my stuff!"

(The zip code threat isn't unusual but he was pretty miffed this time.)

I of course was the voice of reason. "Where did you have it last?"

He thought. Called a friend because he'd been helping her with some stuff and used it in her computer. No answer. He left a message.

He thought some more. "I hope I didn't leave it in my jeans and it got washed."

"Haven't washed dark stuff lately." (Haven't washed anything lately. I hate housework.)

He checked the dirty clothes hamper and guess what! There it was, tucked away in the watch pocket.

He did apologize to the cats. My guy's really pretty nice.


  1. Yay, a happy ending. Couda been a really really bad one. What if flashdrive was on dresser, cat batted it off in play, then threw up a hairball on it. As it is, all's well that ends well. And this is a point in favor of putting off till least as far as laundry is concerned.

  2. Ooh, hairballs! Don't even go there!


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