Saturday, November 27, 2010

Movies at Home

We watched a movie from Blockbuster last night. LEAVES OF GRASS. A professor who's climbed up from poverty goes back to Oklahoma when his redneck twin is murdered. It was okay. Had some surprising twists I wasn't expecting. And some gore. We watched it all the way through which we don't do if we don't like the beginning. Anyway, there were several people in it we recognized but couldn't put names to. At the end, we looked for the cast names. And looked. And looked.

After everyone and his brother got listed -- Does anyone really care who designed the costumes, who cast the actors, who chose the location, who did the hair, who carried the cameras, who...? You get the picture -- we finally got to the cast. Then the names whizzed by. Luckily, we had the remote and could stop it long enough to figure out who the people were.

Take old movies. The stars and cast are put out front. And lots of times, they're at the end, too. Only when they're all listed do the other support people run.

Maybe they assume the audience will stay put to see all those people when the cast is listed last. We did last night, although we didn't even look at the names that came before. In a theater? No way. We get up and leave. My guy likes to beat the crowd.

So that's my rant for the day.

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  1. Ha. So true. I suppose it's some kind of new-age artsy crap that's designed to show that those BEHIND the scenes are just as important as those in front of the camera.

    I disagree, of course. I don't spend money on a movie because I love the key grip. ;)


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