Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I have finicky cats when it comes to their bathroom habits. They want their litter clean.

If it isn't up to her standards, my girl cat sometimes uses the floor next to the box. Even an extra litter box doesn't help if it isn't clean.

I usually feed them in the mornings, then scoop their litter. I was running behind the other morning, putting some dishes up that had been in the dishwasher overnight, and heard a "meow." She was sitting in the door of the utility room where their litter boxes are, looking at me.

"Hold on. I'll be with you in a minute."


"Just wait a minute!"


Only it sounded like "MY LITTER!" And she looked quite huffy. Like she was about to spit.

So I gave up, cleaned the litter box; she got in and did her business.

Not even a thank you.

Ungrateful cat. At least it wasn't on the floor.


  1. Cats don't like to be dirty, do they?

  2. Cats expect quick service. Now. Not when it's convenient for you.

  3. I think our animals should put collars around our necks and run leashes to their tails. It's a misnomer we own them. They actually own us.


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