Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Love the local paper, but it's the daily crime reports I can't wait to read.

Okay, we had the report of a theft of four razor blades the other day. Now we have another report of stolen razor blades. Two packs shoplifted from a store came to a total of around ten dollars.

I'm thinking maybe people are using them to cut heroin? Or is it cocaine you cut? Not that I know anything about drugs, but really! Seems to me they could cough up ten dollars or so considering what the drugs cost!

And here's one that made me scratch my head. A man had his daughter and her boyfriend arrested after they admitted breaking into his residence and eating his chicken. Yep. Ten dollars worth. Hope it was cooked.

Then I read a little further. They also stole a blank check and cashed it for three hundred dollars.

Hey, yeah! I can see letting them have the chicken, but three hundred dollars? I'd have turned them in, too!


  1. I would have busted them over the chicken...but that's just me.

    1. It depends, I guess. Was it already fried? Or did they have to cook it up themselves?

  2. Drugs would be my guess for the razor blades.

    Was Rob Ford in town?

    1. Hmmm. I didn't see anything in the paper about him visiting. But sometimes VIPs like him slip in and we common people don't know anything about it till later.

      So-o-o-o...Might be one explanation!


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