Saturday, March 1, 2014


It's not only litter my cats are finicky about. They seem to have taken up my entire life.

My daily schedule:

Seven a.m. - (sometimes as early as five if they've consumed all the dry food) - one or both start meowing for breakfast. Loudly.

I get up, replenish the dry food and put ice water in their fountain (yes, they demand ice cubes in their water).

Next, I fix their canned food. This means mincing the meat (and this is the ground kind, not the flakes or shreds or morsels) into even smaller pieces on two plates. If the can's been in the fridge, I must microwave the food for a few seconds. I then mound the minced food up on each plate before putting them down. At that time, I forcefully direct the boy cat to his dish since he always tries to eat the girl cat's food first.

Then the litter boxes need tending, including a sweep of the floor since my girl cat tends to get exuberant when she's in her bathroom and tosses litter everywhere.

Then back to the food dishes. Any food that's left gets mounded up on one plate for the boy cat. He likes to come back later and dig into a new pile of food.

About one p.m., the boy cat starts meowing. Persistently. It's time for his nap and he doesn't like to nap alone. Most days, I'll lie down with him on my bed for about an hour. Sometimes the girl cat joins us. If I'm busy and can't nap, I put her on the bed with him. If she stays, that will keep him quiet. If she doesn't, he ends up in my lap, squirming as I try to work on the computer.

About five p.m., the girl cat starts meowing again. She's quite vocal when it comes to meal times. So I go through the same thing as in the morning, except they take a stool softener before eating--yes, you read it right--to keep them regular. (Hey, they're old and have problems!) They learned how to hide the pills in their mouths until they got out of sight where they could spit them out. So I have to buy broth, and not the kind with celery and carrots but the unadulterated, expensive broth, to mix their powder in. They love this and lap it up eagerly. Sure beats using a syringe to force it down their throats.

At night, they don't sleep with us much any more, thank goodness. When the girl cat sleeps with us, she gets between my knees and I can't turn over. Lately, they've been staying in their cat bed or on the sofa where I've laid one of my dirty shirts to entice them to curl up.

And that's my routine.

This can't be natural. Surely, every cat owner doesn't cater to their cats like this. I must have trained them wrong, but it's too late to change them now. Guess I'm stuck till they kick the bucket.


  1. Your cats have you extremely well-trained!

  2. Yes, they've got you bent to their will.

    I remember cats doing that, if they'd sleep in with me, getting between my lower legs so it was hard to actually turn over.

    1. Yes. The girl cat is especially adept at this. By the time I've finished with the struggle to turn over, I'm awake.


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