Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So it's 2012. I hoped it would start off well and continue that way.

No chance.

Our heat went out Sunday night. The repair people were off Monday for New Year's Day. So it was yesterday before they got to us. And then it was after dark. The poor repairman said they're just been covered up with people who had no heat. He did get ours halfway working. He's supposed to come back Thursday afternoon when it's warmer to finish charging it.

And then Monday my computer died.

My guy, good man that he is, took me to Best Buy and we picked out another one. He got it set up except for a few little things he's working on now, and I'm able to work.

So looks like 2012 will be another 2011. Some good stuff, a lot of bad stuff. But everything going smoothly would get kind of dull after a while, wouldn't it?

So Happy New Year, everyone! Let the fun begin!


  1. Love your intro to the new year and as they say, life is a rollercoaster but enjoy the ride and keep writing......

    I am following you..follow me and read my true story. Its not complete but getting there. I am not an author just a hobby......keep well and happy twentytwelve....


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