Saturday, January 14, 2012


Someone recommended a book on writing I hadn't read. (Unusual because I think I've read kazillions!) So I look on Amazon to find it. Sure enough, it's there.

The trade paperback edition is $6.61 while the Kindle copy is $13.99. I'm a Prime member (my guy uses it for the streaming movies) so I don't pay shipping. So I think: 6.61 vx 13.99; 6.61 vs 13.99. I love my Kindle but...

I order the trade paperback. Now I'm reading and trying to press buttons to turn pages. But I'll survive.

Oh, and after getting about a third of the way through, I realize it still isn't as good as my old favorite, SELF-EDITING FOR THE FICTION WRITER. But that's okay. It never hurts to read about craft. There may be something in here I didn't know or had forgotten.

I do think they need to set Kindle prices as low as the paperbacks though.

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