Saturday, January 28, 2012


DESERT FIRE, by H.M Prevost, is an action packed YA novel where teenager Nick Chevalier accidentally happens on some military secrets that make him a target for terrorists.
When a jet crashes into the desert near Abu Dhabi, only a stowaway manages to eject safely.

Nick, an aspiring journalist, has just moved with his mother and sister to the United Arab Emirates. When he sees the plane going down, his investigative juices start flowing. Grabbing a ride with a couple of Arab kids, they arrive first on the scene. Nick notices the plane's military markings and then finds a survivor. The man tries to tell Nick something but dies as Nick sees a charred American insignia on his miitary uniform. The other kids, scared of trouble, grab him as sirens wail and a helicopter appears. They escape.

Only later does Nick find the soldier gave him something. A mini CD that lands Nick in big trouble.

I had to suspend disbelief a lot. From the moment Nick, a newcomer and a Canadian, jumped into a Hummer with Arab kids he didn't know, I kept wanting to say, "Dude! Think this over! You're new here and don't even speak the language!" But he kept doing stuff like that so finally, I just went with the flow because the description of the country and its citizens made me want to keep reading. The author has obviously lived a long time in the Arab world and loves it.

Very nice read.


  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my book, Cheryl. I appreciate it!

    H.M. Prévost

  2. Really enjoyed the setting and culture descriptions!


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