Thursday, February 2, 2012


A couple of days ago we went to Toccoa Falls in north Georgia so my guy could photograph the falls. (He's been on a waterfall kick the past year.) I wandered along and noticed a plaque about a Revolutionary War soldier, William Wofford, who owned the property. Evidently he settled in while it was still Cherokee territory and is buried near the falls.

Further along were signs about Toccoa Falls College, current owner of the falls. The theological school was founded in 1907 in North Carolina but moved to Toccoa Falls in 1911.

One large sign tells about a tragedy that occurred in 1977. A dam, originally built by the school for electric power production, failed after nine days of rain. The forty-acre lake behind the dam surged over the falls and engulfed a dormitory and several trailers. Thirty-nine people died and 60 were injured, all with ties to the college. A monument listing the dead is a somber memorial; many of them had the same names and were doubtless family members.

The falls lie just outside the gift shop, about a hundred yards of easy walking. Worth a visit to anyone traveling through north Georgia.

And no, these pictures aren't the ones my guy took. His photos look great while mine... Well, they're from a phone. What do you expect?

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