Friday, February 24, 2012

GOLDEN LIES by Barbara Freethy

Barbara Freethy is a nice writer and delivers her usual entertaining story in GOLDEN LIES.

When Riley takes his grandmother to the House of Hathaway to have them appraise a Chinese dragon she found in her attic, the dragon disappears when one of the Hathaways takes it off site and disappears.

The culprit is Paige's father and at first she's disbelieving (he'd never take someone else's property out of their showroom and emplorium), then shocked, and finally frightened when her father turns up in an alley, unconscious and near death. Naturally the dragon is gone.

Riley's angry that the Hathaways would try to take advantage of his grandmother and is determined that they will return it one way or the other. Paige wants to know where her father took the dragon and why. Together they go on a search that takes them to San Francisco's Chinatown leads back to China itself.

Nice easy read.

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