Sunday, February 19, 2012


While in Florida last week, we stopped at a McDonald's. I love to stop at McDonald's when we travel because their bathrooms are usually clean and their tea is great. So we always use one for our rest stop when possible.

This McDonald's, on the way to Orlando, was one of their chintzy new designs with the white brick front and strange renditions of their fabled arches. But when I bought my tea and went to get a lid, I was overjoyed. Their lid dispenser had little doors on the front for each size lid. You chose your size, opened that door and, voila! The lid was stuck in the door, waiting for you to take it out and put on your drink.

Oh the wonders of science! I love it! No fumbling for lids, no scattered lids everywhere, no handling of lids you don't use. Can't wait for all the fast food places to follow suit!


  1. I hate to be the one to say it, but you need a life if you get excited about a lid dispenser in McDonald's. Still laughing.

  2. Yeah, I guess my life's pretty boring. But hey, better than the alternative!

  3. The manufacturer of the dispenser claims that the lid dispenser is more hygienic. Maybe, if your are the first user after they were sanitized. Just keep in mind where the user before you had his hand.

    1. What I liked was the convenience! No more handling stacks of lids to get my one! For that matter, no more handling lids other people have handled to get their one!


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