Monday, February 27, 2012


A while back, we started out in the little car and had a dead battery. Someone--not calling names here because this is something I can't blame on the cats--had not shut the trunk completely and the light stayed on long enough to run the battery completely down.

My guy, who didn't fuss since he was uncertain whether it was him or me responsible, charged it up and we drove it for a week or so. No problem. Then one day he used the SUV to run errands. The next day, you guessed it. The battery in the little car was dead again.

Normally, we have bad luck with warranties and things like that. Stuff breaks right after they run out. But we found the battery receipt and hallelulah! We had a full replacement guaranteed till May. So today he took it back to Sears, and they put in another battery. No charge.

Think I'll go out and buy a lottery ticket.

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