Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WILLIAM AND KATE, A Royal Love Story

This book, by journalist Christopher Andersen, is an easy read.

Being an Anglophile, though not one who keeps close tabs on the royal family, I enjoyed reading about Kate and William's romance. Andersen does a good job of putting us into the world the royals inhabit, and shows us warts and all: William drinking and partying, and Kate playing the ever-patient, forgiving female.

For years, she waited in the background for him to make up his mind about her. She bore the royal complaints about her not having a job (hard to keep a regular job when you're trying to be available at all times for your high-profile boyfriend) and about her family being common (like the royals aren't the most dysfunctional family around). When he finally popped the question, she waited another year or so before her position as his fiancee was publicized. The woman is either ultra-devious or a saint.

Andersen says she had a crush on the prince all her life. He also paints her mother as the mastermind behind her daughter's match. Maybe so, but Kate was the one who persuaded William she was the one woman for him.

As for William, the tales about him being his mother's confidante and his later attempts to guide Harry make one feel sorry for him despite his younger vices. It was gratifying to read how his main ambition is to serve his country. Since he can't be sent into war (as Harry was briefly), his search and rescue position is laudable. He has grown into the kind of man a mother would be proud of. And all while living in the fishbowl of the papparazzi. I can't begin to imagine how terrible it must be to have every little movement recorded and broadcast to the public.

Yes, there were a lot of suppositions and rumors and gossip in the book, but it left me hopeful that William and Catherine (I was surprised to learn that her family always called her that rather than Kate) will enjoy a happier marriage than William's parents.

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