Monday, December 12, 2011


Okay. So the kitchen stove wasn't working properly when we moved back to N GA. We've had it worked on. Took them a while but...

Then we had to buy a new washer and dryer. The washer was dancing around the floor, the dryer refused to cut off. But after twenty years, what do you expect?

Then the heat didn't work. Got it fixed. Then this summer, the air didn't work. Got it fixed. Then the heat wouldn't work again. Got it fixed. Had to put in a new handler and rewire but hey...It's working now.

Then the dishwasher refused to cycle properly. I had to set it on wash, turn it off, drain, and set on rinse to get the dishes washed. Got it fixed. Sears forgot to tell the repairman he had to replace another part so it blew the board. And he had to come back and replace it.

The icemaker on the refrigerator didn't work so we got it fixed. Not much more to go wrong, right?

Went back to the coastal condo to check on things and guess what. The hot water heater was leaking out the bottom. Not ten years old but we had to get a new one.

I think all that's left is the fridge. And I'm afraid it's time for it to go, too. If 2012 isn't better than 2011, I'm ready to surrender and go to a boarding house somewhere. With or without the cats.

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