Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Roaches - Ugh!

I noticed Jackson, the older cat, lurking in the closet the past couple of days. Normally, he lurks on the furniture so I figured something was up.

Today, as I pushed back the shower curtain, a big roach -- well, at least a medium-sized roach -- ran across the opposite wall. I screamed for the guy who lives with me. He rushed in. Killed the sucker with his bare heel. Yuck. He's my hero.

Guess Jackson was warning me that an insect was in the house. Too bad he couldn't catch it before it launched the bathroom attack.

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  1. Man, you are soo lucky, our felines can't be bothered. However, must report as Prime Insect Warrior at our house, am thrilled MDH at LONG last took one on today. By himself. Really! Okay, he does flies and spiders, still. Guess the icky creatures are seeking A/C as it's so hot.


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