Sunday, August 8, 2010


I just finished this book by Sharon McCrumb. I love to read her because her writing flows.

She writes mysteries with an Appalachian background and did a whole set based on old ballads. That series is my favorite and THE DEVIL... is touted as another of them. It isn't the best one but it'll do.

The Devil... is based on a real murder trial in the 1930's. A beautiful young woman accused of murdering her father with all the mountain characters we've learned to love. It's not like the other Ballad mysteries though because while the others draw us into the past to explain present day mysteries, this one is set almost entirely in the past.

If you haven't read her before, you might choose another Ballad mystery to start with. Still, this one displays her mastery of time and place and, as always, the story told with such lyricism.

Good book.


  1. sounds intriguing, Jan, will have to read when I finish the hundred other books piled up on my night table (grin)

  2. You'll have forgotten the name by the time you finish that stack!


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