Thursday, August 26, 2010


Just finished this book by Jonathan Gash. His hero, antiques dealer/forger/con man Lovejoy, is forced to leave England and ends up in Hong Kong. Gash makes Hong Kong come alive to someone who's never been there, the good along with the bad. Fascinating.

Unfortunately, Lovejoy falls in with the wrong crowd, evidently a common occurrence. He ends up working for the Hong Kong mob with the jade woman of the title as one of its heads. To stay alive, he dreams up a fake impressionist Hong Kong painter, Song Ping, so that he can forge (imaginary) Ping paintings to pass off on the art community.

Oh, and I forgot to say he becomes a gigolo to support himself.

Lots of comedy with lots of insights on the antique business. I enjoyed it.


  1. Sounds like a book I'd like to read. Aren't books wonderful? They allow us to experience other cultures without having to leave our living rooms. Jade is know as the stone of heaven to Asians, sounds like Jade Woman might represent stone from more southerly and hotter regions.

  2. Lady Cheryl

    Just FYI, and likely you know already, but the Lovejoy books were turned into a TV series in the UK. Ian Mcshane was Lovejoy.

    The TV Lovejoy was rather more of the comedy and rather less of the darker Lovejoy that is in the books, but it was extremely popular.

    The Idiot


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