Monday, August 9, 2010


Okay, so the vet called Saturday. Seems there was a recall on our special order dry cat food from IAMS (a prescription food for urinary problems). I was to stop using it immediately for reasons that are still unclear but I don't take chances with the liddle bitty cats' health, right?

Right. I rushed over to the vet's office and bought the brand they keep on hand. Sunday, I gave the cats their usual treats, hairball cream, and tiny helping of canned food. Then I put out the dry food. The new dry food.

Jackson sniffed at it, tried a bite and looked up at me as if I were trying to poison him. Roz ate. Hesitantly at first, true. But she ate.

Today, same thing. Jackson glared at me accusingly. Roz ate. (Roz always eats.)

Now. I notice dry food in both bowls is down, Roz's significantly, Jackson's less so. Is Jackson sneaking in and eating the dry food while my back is turned? Or is Roz eating from both bowls? Which she sometimes does since she assumes Jackson's food is hers, and which usually leads to him batting her one and her running away squealing as if she's mortally wounded.

Guess I'll have to hide somewhere and watch to see who's eating what. I will say that Jackson doesn't look hungry to me. And he hasn't lost any weight yet either.

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