Friday, August 6, 2010


So strange things started popping up on the old screen yesterday. I screamed for the guy who lives with me. He came in, worked all day, couldn't figure it out.

A guy's coming tomorrow to clean it -- we hope -- but in the meanwhile, I have a new account that hopefully the virus won't penetrate.

I hate computers.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your virus.
    A few years ago, we got hit by a virus on our desktop computer. I downloaded a few different antivirus packages:
    1. Kaspersky
    2. Microsoft Security
    3. Norton Internet Security (NIS)
    NIS was the one that found everything, stayed out of our way and worked the best. We have 3 laptops now and you get complete protection from Norton for the year for $70 or something.
    I'm a software developer so fast machines are important to me and NIS is all right.
    Also, keep in mind that you can download a free copy (30 day trial) of it and have it clean your machine.
    I'd give you a link, but it's better if you google it. Norton Internet Security.

    Keep on learning, keep on writing.
    ~Newton Saber


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