Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last night I finished this book by Kate Atkinson, an English author. It was an interesting mystery with a twist at the end I didn't expect but that didn't really surprise me either, if that makes any sense. Her characters were engaging (maybe there was a smidgen too much study on some of them) while she did a great job of entwining people and places and incidents. At first nothing seemed connected, but turns out, as I kept reading, that everything was.

My one complaint is about the editing style. There were a lot of punctuation errors, it seemed to me, and run-on sentences and other things. But that may be the wave of the future.

Some cited examples from pages turned to at random:

He knew that gesture well, it nearly always accompanied dissimulation on Julia's part.

Jackson wondered if she was quoting from a  play, she often did, and he hardly ever got the reference.

Last Christmas Eve, when Graham was still a fully functioning member of the family and not yet an astronaut floating through space, she had been in the kitchen making the chocolate log, they always had a chocolate log on Christmas Day along with the pudding.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel there needs to be some periods or semicolons or dashes in here somewhere rather than commas. Or is this the wave of the future?

Anyway, I kept having to reread because my addled brain wouldn't make sense of words strung together without my comforting punctuation symbols.

Maybe it's because I dislike change.

But I did enjoy the book.

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