Friday, August 29, 2014


Looking at our local paper the past week, our crime blotter had a couple of strange things.

A truck had its passenger side window broken. The owner's wife's purse was taken, containing her Honduras ID and a social security card. I guess the SS card was because she was working here?

Another case found the cops being called out to investigate loud music. They said they could hear the music a block away. Since they were on foot, they found a man rolling a cigarette in his car...with marijuana. Bet he wished the partiers had turned their music down.

Finally, a man got sick in a store and stumbled out to a nearby porch to go to sleep. When a policeman woke him, he was confrontational. So they got him for carrying four bottles of vanilla extract??? Ah, but the vanilla extract was 41% alcohol. Guess that's why he was confrontational.

Not in the crime blotter, but a front page article told about our local library getting its table and chairs back. Our two local libraries were in a system with several counties till last year. After requesting audits of the system's funds and not getting a response, our county withdrew from the system and set up our own. We also kicked the system's director out of our main library (which had been the system's headquarters). She sued to stay longer but lost. When she moved out (without allowing anyone to see what she took), she made off with monies that belonged to us along with a historic table and chairs presented to our library many, many years ago from a coastal mansion.

After more heated discussions, she finally resigned from the position head of the system now headquartered in another county. The new person in charge met with our board recently and we are indeed getting our table and chairs back. The other system also agreed to pay us the money that had been allocated to our library.

We readers are happy about that! Yes, justice sometimes prevails.


  1. That former director sounds like a real piece of work.

    And you know you're an alcoholic when you're buying vanilla extract for the alcohol content. Isn't that stuff really expensive?

    1. I shudder, thinking of downing it by itself!

  2. A Honduras ID and a Social Security card???


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