Tuesday, September 2, 2014


We went up to Fort King George yesterday for their Labor Day events. I love their reenactments. Er, that is, their living history activities. (They get rather tetchy about us calling them reenactors.)

My guy got some nice pix. This first is showing how to play the children's game of Graces. A ribboned hoop is thrown by one person (using two sticks) and caught by another. Here the soldier is catching it. He and his lady playmate did a pretty good job.

Other games demonstrated were quoits (kind of like horseshoes only with rings), rolling the hoop with a stick, and nine-pins (kind of like bowling).

There was a blacksmith demonstration going on, too, and then a musket demonstration. And of course the obligatory cannon firing after a little lecture about the different projectiles (cannon balls, grapeshot, linked balls, mortars, canister, et cetera.

This was a small cannon, but it made a loud noise so they told us when to cover our ears. And there was a lot of smoke afterward!


  1. We had similar activities going on the first weekend of August for our Civic Holiday. Reenactors in period clothing, including a blacksmith.


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