Thursday, September 11, 2014


On the island, we have little lizards. Once when we were heading up to north Georgia, one hitched a ride in an indentation on the hood. About three hours into our trip, my guy noticed a little head bobbing up occasionally so we stopped and put him off in a grassy area. I hope the other lizards in his new environment were friendly.

Yesterday at breakfast, I was looking out the windows at the hummingbird feeder and saw what I thought was part of the jasmine vine on the bottom. Looking closer, I saw it was another lizard. The hummingbird kept zooming in around him and at him, but it didn't scare him off. He stayed all day. I guess he was catching insects. They're cute but pesky sometimes. Especially when they sing after dark.


  1. You must wonder what happened to that hitchhiking lizard!

  2. I lizards have their own colonies? Maybe he ended up with enemy lizards....


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