Sunday, August 3, 2014


Big headline on yesterday's local paper -- "Study says Ga. coast vulnerable to flooding" -- scared me to death. Yes, I know a hurricane will one day hit and cover the island, but I feel we should have plenty of time to get us and the cats out. However, the article was about global warming.

It seems that with the seas rising (I guess from the arctic and antarctic ice melting), we are in extreme danger of being flooded. By 2100, the model predicts the oceans will rise 3.1 feet. The article gives lots of percentages for different scenarios (hurricanes among them) but the main thing I get is that, by the end of the century, we may be in trouble. I am horrified.

Down at the pier this morning, we sat in rocking chairs at the Casino and looked out at the rain on the ocean. And I'm thinking, could this be the one? Could this be the storm? How much water will it take?

I'm quite upset. Now, besides killer bees and alligators and the sun fading, I have to worry about rising waters. My nerves won't take much more.

My one consolation is that not that many years ago, everyone was predicting another ice age and warning temperatures were going down, down, down. Maybe in another couple of decades, scientists will come up with something else I can worry about.


  1. This is why Iive inland, with just tornadoes and earthquakes threatening. I love the beach and the ocean, but I have no desire to visit Atlantis....

  2. Just be ready to run if Ian Ziering turns up in town. Then you know there'll be sharks being blown about by tornadoes.

  3. Just came over from Williams blog !
    Yes, the ocean is rising. Soon my home in the desert will be beach front !
    I saw a news program a year ago about some island off the upper east coast (Massachusetts ?) That has seen the water rising and some property lost.
    The best you can do is just enjoy where you live everyday.
    I adore your heading photo. Beautiful.
    William you beat me to it, Sharknado !

    cheers, parsnip


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