Monday, August 25, 2014


I love Belk's, our southern department store. It has nice quality products and the best sales around. A friend once bragged she got a dress for four dollars after using a couple of coupons on top of the percentage off the original price and the extra percentage off the sale price.

Anyway, we needed pillows. After sleeping on them for several months, pillows tend to get stained. I'm not sure if my nose runs or I drool, but the pillow gets gross. So when Belk advertised fifty percent off pillows and sheets, I decided to make the trip across the causeway to our local store.

I found the pillows that we like and brought them to the counter. A lady buying sheets used a coupon and when she'd finished, she offered it to me. "They don't care if you use them again," she whispered.

Sure enough, they took it. Another ten dollars off. Did I mention I love Belk's?

Turns out the new pillows were a tiny bit shorter than our old ones, though the extra padding made up for it. My guy joked they were like us: a little shorter and a little fatter than we used to be.

I wasn't amused.


  1. That's a store I've never heard of here.

    1. Too bad. But I think they're only in the southeastern US.

  2. Replies
    1. Guess they don't extend to your area. That's too bad!


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