Saturday, August 9, 2014


I opened the blinds the other morning and looked out. A lovely English lady in our neighborhood usually walks early in the morning and was passing by. But she had stopped, staring at something in our yard.

A tree limb had fallen. No rhyme or reason. It just fell. Yes, it had drizzled a bit during the night but this seemed an excessive reaction.

My guy gets out with his lopper before he brings out his electric chain saw (his big saw has been with a relative since our move). A neighbor across the street sees and comes over with his big chain saw and cuts it up. He even gives us a phone number for someone who'll haul it away. So by lunchtime, we were back to normal. Except for the gaping hole in the tree.

When the leaves come off this autumn, guess it'll get taken down. Now we have to decide what to plant in its place so we can have some shade in the evenings.

I was later told Bradford pears often split like this.

I knew I never liked that sucker for a reason. Besides the awful smell, I mean.


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