Sunday, November 3, 2013


Our little airport has been busy this week. First all the jets coming and going, bringing people in before the GA/FL football game and taking them out again. Also planes bringing people in before the McGladrey Golf Classic that's next week. Seems like no sooner does one get off the runway than another takes its place!

But more interesting is the plane here for the weekend. My guy had to hustle to get a picture before it moves on to Savannah. It's an old Ford Trimotor. If you could zoom in, you could see the writing on the body: Eastern Air Transport! Remember Eastern, anyone?

Anyway, rides are $75 a pop. It can hold up to nine passengers, each with its own window. Cool, huh?


  1. Oh, that looks like something I'd enjoy. I miss the good old days when flying was actually fun!

  2. People are coming in just for a football game?

    1. Hey, this is a big rivalry! GA vs FL is big business in both states!


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