Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Yes, I know it isn't Thanksgiving till tomorrow, but I couldn't wait till after it to put our tree up.

A few weeks ago, I got an unexpected package in the mail. In it was a handmade Christmas ornament from our former neighbors! I've been chomping at the bit ever since to get a tree and hang it. (Our old tree bit the dust last year and I failed to buy one during the after-season sales, alas.)

Finally my guy gave in. Well, not so much gave in as got bulldozed into buying one and putting it up. Not a pretty tree, mind you. More like an artificial Charlie Brown tree. But it's up and my ornaments are on it, waiting for the finishing touches when we finally find our last Christmas box that somehow got lost during the moves.

I took a picture of the ornament. See the little bird with its eggs? It's lovely and all the more for our ex-neighbor thinking of us!


  1. That's a beautiful ornament, Cheryl! I have one with a bird--one of the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments (I think). And this year, Collin and I will have lots of Minions on our tree....

    1. Minions! Post a picture so we can all see them!


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