Sunday, January 6, 2013


So the local art association put up a new show in their gallery. The main part is devoted to magazine covers (done by artists) for the local Chamber of Commerce. The free magazine is called Paisley and is available in local shops and businesses.

However, a portion of the gallery was given over to art association member photographers of whom, ahem, my guy is one. Here's a couple of his photos. Overlook the people. It's a typical opening: people are meeting, eating, drinking, and gabbing.

This one was placed over the piano so you can barely see it. It's of the Pier Village kiosks decked out in their holiday lights and glamorized by Photoshop or one of those programs I know nothing about.

Two are in here but you can only see one; the big one of the shrimp boat is his. People are clustered in front of the other one, alas. It was also a shrimp boat but it was docked.

Anyway, it was a good opening. Nice crowd, good food, lots of drinks, much conviviality!


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    1. You know what I like best? The piano player! He plays the old standards and all by ear. Makes me want to break into dance!


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