Thursday, January 24, 2013


Everyone probably knows I've been giving away earrings each month for one person who comments with the word 'earrings' in their post. The last month's pair went to a commenter in Canada. I had a problem ordering and earrings ended up coming to me and I forwarded them on to her. After filling out appropriate paperwork with help from two postal employees. Bless them.

I got word yesterday that she had just received them! Took them that long from the original order on January 4th to get to me on the 10th, then took from the 11th when I mailed them to get to her. This seems kind of stretching it out.

Anyway, I apologized for the hang-up. Maybe next time I have a Canadian winner, I'll know how to handle it.

Or maybe not! I'm not up on techie stuff and evidently, I'm clueless on mailing stuff, too.

Here's the picture of the earrings I'm giving away for January.

They're amber, to kind of go with my Warwicks of Slumber Mountain ebook. Here's the store they're from:


  1. Earrings are the perfect gift for my wife! Whenever I am stumped on what to get for her, especially as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time...earrings always come to the rescue. Bought two pairs this past Christmas for her stocking...and she loved them!

    1. Well, Lance, I love earrings, too! And now your name's in the pot! I'll be giving them away in February and probably March, too,though, so there's always another chance!


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